This September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, where we are highlighting the stories of the children we support through little brainstrust.

Leighton’s story:

In February 2019, then 7 year old Leighton was diagnosed with a large anaplastic medulablastoma. Since then he has had 31 rounds of radiotherapy and 4 rounds of chemotherapy.

Leighton’s mum, Kerry, has shared her thoughts with us:

“Whilst his scans are still stable, his fight still goes on. We want to raise as much awareness as possible around brain tumours and the signs to look for in children: headaches, nausea and vomiting, poor balance, tiredness and abnormal head position and pains in the neck. Knowledge is power and together we can fight this.”

How we’ve supported Leighton

Since Kerry got in touch with brainstrust, our dedicated children and families arm little brainstrust has supported Leighton with events like our craft session in Leeds at Candlelighters, a special teddy bear and lots of other goodies in his little brain box. The little brain box is for parents and children, full of personalised information, toys and resources to help families cope following a diagnosis. Kerry has also found our little brainstrust private Facebook group helpful, as a space where parents can talk openly and find a community online.

Get in touch with little brainstrust if you know a family affected by a brain tumour. Email us today at

Not all children will experience the symptoms mentioned above as they are tumour and location specific, however if you are worried or notice symptoms get in touch with your GP.