How we are different

Through our own history, and 10 years of listening to the people we’re here for, we know what it feels like, and what challenges you face when you are diagnosed with a brain tumour.

  • We are the only brain tumour charity focused 100% on support and wellbeing
  • Our help is constructive, and personalised, made so by our coaching principles and practices. Our help drives real, relevant change, and has meaningful impact
  • brainstrust’s resources are revered nationally for their depth, insight and relevance. We offer more than just fact sheets – we go beyond this to help people use facts and information to their own advantage
  • brainstrust’s service is nationally accessible, but also bears regional relevance and insight. We know who can help on the ground, in your area. We build communities
  • We listen first. The brain tumour community drive our work through their input and views. Thanks to these people, we truly understand the challenges faced when you hear the words, ‘you have a brain tumour’
  • We are small, smart and agile. This mean we are efficient and effective. We don’t aspire to be the biggest, just the best.