Our impact – getting it right.

“Adding rigour to reporting beyond simply counting beneficiaries is an open goal forOur impact 2019 charities. We owe it to all of our supporters to be doing an incredible job at communicating the difference our work makes.” – Will Jones, Chief Executive, brainstrust

It is important you know what we have achieved, as well as where we might be  falling short. Storytelling and narrative have always been a cornerstone of our reporting, but we have been working hard in recent years to develop systems and processes that will make us best in field at sharing with you what you are helping us to achieve.

You can read headlines about our impact on this page, and download our latest impact report here.

What we look at.

We report on people’s progress against six indictors, all of which support the four priorities in our strategy. These six indicators are:

  • engagement with care and conditionbraintrust strategic priorities
  • reduced isolation
  • engagement with communities
  • creating control
  • feeling supported
  • feeling resourced

“I feel like I am part of a community and I feel comfortable and confident whenever I have needed to ask for help. I stopped feeling lonely and scared as I now know there is always someone there who will help. Having brainstrust has helped me to deal with my diagnosis and they helped me to cope and I will be forever grateful.” – Patient, Midlands, March 2019

Our impact in 2019

  • brainstrust’s support drives holistic and balanced improvement in people’s well-being across six clearly defined impact indicators.
  • On average, people progress one whole point, or 23% (1.13/5), to the positive, having received support from brainstrust. This is despite being in a situation where the ‘new normal’ is often devastatingly different from the ‘old’ one.
  • Our service is creating the most impact in addressing isolation and building communities for people with a br
    ain tumour. Beneficiaries are reporting a 28% (1.44/5) improvement in feeling part of a community, and a 22% (1.08/5) improvement in feeling less alone.
  • There are outliers where significant progress has been made, but this impact is softened when we are reporting on aggregated data. Where possible, case studies are sought for these cases.
  • 94% of respondents said that the information on brainstrust.org.uk helped them to feel more resourced, more confident or more in control (101/108 people).


brainstrust's impact - 6 indicators


brainstrust's impact - strategic priorities

Our reach

Our Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts

Thanks to you, we've helped thousands of people living with a brain tumour. You can read more about our progress here.