We know that having a brain tumour diagnosis could affect your ability to travel in the UK and Northern Ireland and out of the UK.

Travelling to appointments at the hospital

You can get assistance for travel to and from appointments if you cannot afford the cost of travelling for treatments/appointments.  More information can be found via the following link.

There are other organisations also give information and support for support with travel and parking:

Driving Licence

After being diagnosed with a brain tumour, it is very common to be asked to give up your driving licence. This may be temporary, or you may not be able to legally drive again. Please see the following links for more information.

Travel Insurance

We know that having a brain tumour can increase the cost of travel insurance.   There are a range of transport services available vis the brain tumour hub if you insert your postcode to the following web page.

Find out more about specialist travel insurance, as well as supported holiday resorts and respite breaks on the brain tumour hub.

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