Your support means we can help thousands of brain tumour patients across the UK.
We would love to have you on board.

Organise an event

Organise your own event and climb aboard the brainstrust ship.

Our supporters are not just passionate about fundraising for us, they are a creative and a daring crew when it comes to charity events. They have climbed icy mountains to raise vital funds on charity challenges, painted and auctioned amazing works of art to illustrate their journey through brain cancer, shaved their heads, walked through forests, run half marathons raising thousands of pounds of sponsorship money. The possibilities are endless and we are here to support you with all of your efforts. But you don’t need to be energetic and run marathons across mountains.

So if you have a wonderful idea of your own to raise funds for brainstrust, large or small, party or picnic, drive or disco, please get in touch and we will help you to help brain cancer patients across the UK get the support they need – today!

Look in our resources for much of the help and materials you will need and please get in touch by ringing or emailing us at HQ so we can help you promote your event and feature it here on the brainstrust website.

Click here to find out about more ways you can give your time, skills or support to help people living with a brain tumour.

Fun fundraising with food & drink!

Love food? Love drink? Why not use raising money for brainstrust as an excuse for a party! Below are some ideas to get you on your way.

Pub quiz
An easy formula – pubs are often only too keen to help, particularly if you want to hold the quiz on a quiet night. Many will run the quiz on your behalf, but if all else fails, there’s a great guide to getting a pub quiz up and running here.

Tea parties
How we love tea and cake. National Tea Party Week is usually in March. Get friends baking cakes, you provide the tea and invite your friends and colleagues along to buy tea and cake – hey presto, a good time for all!

Buffet supper
Everyone cooks a course (keeps it nice and easy!), but you can charge for tickets and donate the proceeds to brainstrust.

A night in
Instead of going out for the evening, why not stay in – invite some friends round, cook a meal, watch a great film and donate some of what you all saved to brainstrust.

Vanishing lunches and coffee
Right, bear with us here! First, invite six people to lunch or coffee. Ask them to donate a minimum sum to cover the costs. Then they must each invite five people to a lunch they organise – again for a minimum donation. Then the five invite four, the four invite three and so on. If the chain is completed at £3 per head, then it will raise a massive £5,868; at £1 for coffee – £1, 956! You get to eat TONS of food and raise money for brainstrust. Thanks to brain tumour UK for this idea.

Garden open days
Either show off your garden or persuade a local house to open its garden. Add a tea party – and donate proceeds to brainstrust.

Click here to find all you need for a succesful fundraising event.

At Work

Why not use fundraising for brainstrust as an excuse to bring some fun into your work place! Below are some ideas to get you on your way.

Fancy dress at work
Choose a time of year (Easter bonnets, Halloween) or a theme (soaps, literary characters). Run a competition for the fanciest dress and charge a small entry, which you could pass on to brainstrust.

Beat your boss!
Why not challenge your boss to a run for charity? Or a round of golf? How about a game of cards at lunchtime? Ask for sponsorship for your chosen activity, and you could even hold a sweepstake, with the proceeds to brainstrust.

Make the tea
Why not get the teas in for the day? Ask your colleagues for a donation of a £1 or 2 and in return, they can get on with their work and have their tea brought to their desks. The best bit? You get to have a natter in the kitchen!

Nominate brainstrust
Most workplaces have a nominated charity, so lastly a plea to all employees – please ask your employer to nominate brainstrust as your charity of the year. We can happily come and meet with your employer to discuss the benefits.