Online Resources

Here you can access brainstrust‘s library of virtual resources, designed to help you feel less alone and more in control, in one place for you to download. These include recorded versions of our webinars. Click here to access our events calendar and sign up to upcoming live webinars.

Thrive, by managing your fatigue

This webinar will help you to understand fatigue and how it is different for people living with a brain tumour. You will explore how being fatigued is impacting on your quality of life and learn some effective strategies so that you own the fatigue rather than it owning you.

Thrive, with the skills to cope with uncertainty

When you have been diagnosed with a brain tumour, we feel that our lives are less secure, more fragile than they once were. You find yourself living in a space where nothing seems certain anymore. It’s a scary place to be and can leave you feeling out of control, helpless and overwhelmed. This webinar explores why we feel uncertain, how it impacts on our lives, and explores strategies to help you to be comfortable living with uncertainty, so that you can lead a fulfilling life, one where you are at peace with uncertainty and can focus on what is important to you.

Thrive, managing Behaviour and Personality Change (BPC)

Managing BPC is one of the biggest challenges facing anyone who is living with a brain tumour- you have told us it is. This webinar provides the space to develop a better understanding of what we mean by Behaviour and Personality Change and, whether you are a caregiver or a patient, you’ll leave with strategies to cope.

Thrive, with the skills to deal with the overwhelm

When there is a shift in dynamic, we can’t always cope. We hold onto what we know and what has worked in the past for us. Feeling overwhelmed does not reflect badly on your ability- it can show that you really care. Focusing on looking after tasks can distract us from looking after ourselves so we have less energy and drive to perform at our best. This webinar will help you to address the overwhelm, when living with a brain tumour.

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