The brain box

The brainstrust brain box – the ‘must have’ support toolkit for people with a new brain tumour diagnosis and their carers.

We appreciate how difficult things can be once you are diagnosed with a brain tumour; the ‘4.00am moments’, the travelling to and from appointments, the stream of questions that pop into your head, trying to remember the jobs of all the people that you’ll meet on your journey, and knowing who to turn to and when. A juggling act that you don’t need when you just want to focus your energy on feeling better.

So to assist brain tumour patients, we’ve launched this unique invaluable aid to keeping on top of things.

The brainstrust tool-box shaped ‘brain box’ contains a number of essential things to support and provide information for brain tumour patients and their carers:

If you are a brain tumour patient, or if you are looking after someone who has a brain tumour, the box won’t cost you a penny. We just need to know a little bit more information about you before we send you your box. Please complete to the short form below to request your brain box:

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