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Here are all the brainstrust resources, designed to help you feel less alone and more in control, in one place for you to download.

The brain tumour patient guide

The 2018 brain tumour patient guide is freely available to brain tumour patients and doctors and nurses working in relevant specialties. It explains the care you should be getting, as suggested by the latest NICE guidelines.

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The brain tumour patient guide to care and treatment

The brain box

The brainstrust brain box – the ‘must have’ support toolkit for people with a new brain tumour diagnosis and their carers.

So to assist brain tumour patients, we’ve launched this unique invaluable aid to keeping on top of things.

If you are a brain tumour patient, or if you are looking after someone who has a brain tumour, the box won’t cost you a penny. We just need to know a little bit more information about you before we send you your box. Please complete to the short form below to request your brain box:

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Who’s Who in Your Clinical Team

Many patients find that they are left to manage their care pathway for themselves. brainstrust has developed this resource with the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, to help you navigate your journey.

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My Radiotherapy Book

We know how confusing a brain tumour diagnosis is and the follow treatments can be. This resource will help you understand, and take control.

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The Fatigue Toolkit

This resource is really important as it enables patients and caregivers living with a brain tumour to understand what is meant by fatigue and to self-manage brain cancer related fatigue.

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The Little White Book

A comprehensive, easy to navigate compendium of UK brain tumour support resources. You can access an online copy through our online catalogue with

We also produce regional editions of ‘The Little White Book’, signposting all of the best support available to you, wherever you might live. Click below to download your relevant guide.

Just send us an email – and we’ll pop a copy of this indespensible guide in the post for you. For free.

How to Have a Difficult Conversation Guide

We know how hard it is, explaining brain cancer, and having to hold those difficult conversations.

This guide helps families with approaching these moments. It features tips that will help you can get your thoughts together and clarify how you feel about what it is you’re facing, so that you can hold better conversations and feel more in control.

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