Choose Grey. Change Lives. 

Right now, more than 60,000 people in the UK are living with a brain tumour. Each diagnosis is devastating and comes with many invisible challenges. 

This is why we need you to shine a light on what the outside world can’t see.

The invisible impact of a brain tumour

Memory loss, uncertainty, fatigue, and loss of identity all impact on the day-to-day lives of people living with a brain tumour. These challenges go unseen, causing isolation, fear and confusion. Our strategy for the next 5 years addresses these hidden challenges, and we need your help to make the world understand.

Changing perceptions

Every single day of the year, our expert and passionate team are creating a better world for people living with a brain tumour, and their families. In our efforts to improve brain tumour care, we work with hospitals and public bodies across the UK to create change. We publish vital resources to help people understand treatments and choices, and we help people live life with a brain tumour to the fullest with our expert coach led support. Our caring and highly-trained support specialists are just a phone call or email away, and can be contacted 24/7, meaning no one is ever going through their journey alone.

What’s next?

Join our mission, so we can continue to help thousands more people after they receive the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumour.

To join us, simply pick a day to Wear Grey in the first week of October! Let’s come together. Let’s share our knowledge. Let’s empower the world to understand. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

For further information, please email brainstrust Community Fundraiser, Sophie Bryan –

Let's make the world understand.

Join us this October.

Pick a day in the first week of October and get together with your loved ones. Spread the word about the invisible challenges of life with a brain tumour, and raise funds so that people facing diagnosis get the support they deserve.

Shop Grey!

Struggling to find a touch of grey in your wardrobe? Don’t worry! We have a fabulous selection of grey themed merchandise which can be viewed and purchased via our online shop. From t-shirts to bracelets, and wristbands to pin badges – there’s something for everyone!

Don’t forget that you can buy and sell any of our merchandise, which helps to spread the word. We’ve just launched a range of items perfect for daily wear, meaning you can show your support and raise awareness all year round.

Why Grey?

When you wear grey with us, you’ll be joining a community of incredible people who have raised over £120,000 over the last seven years. We wear grey thanks to Shaun Skinner, who approached brainstrust in 2012 to help him bring an idea to life. ‘Go Grey for a day’ existed in the US, but Shaun had recognized a strong desire in the UK community to raise awareness of brain tumours, ‘the forgotten cancer’, this side of the Atlantic. It made sense to join the two events up, and with the US event in October, so Wear Grey was born.

Sadly Shaun died from his brain tumour in January 2017, but along with his passion for helping others, Wear Grey is part of his incredible legacy, and for many of us an important occasion to remember loved ones.

Grey is the internationally recognised colour that represents brain cancer, and when we wear grey we stand in solidarity with everyone affected by this devastating diagnosis.