I was a soldier for 23 years when in March 2008 aged 37, whilst stationed at HMS Sultan in Gosport, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

At the end of March 2008, I had surgery to remove the tumour at the Wessex Neurological Centre. I was then told the tumour had been diagnosed as a Glioblastoma Grade 4. I went home and looked on the internet and read that the prognosis for this type of tumour was extremely poor with the results saying that people with this type of tumour may only live for 18-24 months maximum.

After my operation I had my treatment carried out at St Mary’s Hospital in Portsmouth and finished my treatment on 31st December 2008. As I write this in 2019, I have not had any treatment since.

A year passed by after my diagnosis and treatment and I decided that I needed to focus my energy on something so did a midnight marathon around the Gosport area. As a result of this I appeared on BBC South, Radio Solent and was in the Portsmouth newspaper. I raised over £12,000 for charity. This is where brainstrust, Helen, found me and they enabled me to make the most of my health and well being.

I now live in Nottingham with my 14 year old son and two Irish Wolfhounds. I live life to the fullest and laugh because I believe that a great sense of humours helps just as much as medicine.

My Oncologist calls me Mr Miracle Man due to being an 11 year survivor, and I only see him once a year now, as he put it ‘for curiosities sake!’

To all the survivors out there battling this monster of a disease – never give up, remain positive, set goals but the main thing is LAUGH and surround yourselves with family, friends and those who love and care.