Calum and Janos

When Janos was diagnosed with a brain tumour in February 2019, life for him and his partner Calum changed forever. Whatever has been thrown at them, the pair have faced Janos’ brain tumour journey as a team.
Always thinking of others, both Janos and Calum have done their best to help other people who find themselves in the same terrifying situation. Janos uses his YouTube channel to share regular videos on life with a brain tumour, and he has helped brainstrust hugely with our recent Wear Grey campaign.

Here, Calum shares his story.

Janos and I met in Edinburgh back in 2009. I had just graduated and he was in his final year of University, studying to become a journalist. Life together has been full of travel and adventure. We moved to Budapest for a while, then London and we’re constantly on the move, exploring different corners of the world. Road trips were our favourite past time. We drove from Vancouver to San Francisco and from Johannesburg to Cape Town and all over Europe and the United States.
In all those years, Janos had never been poorly, but one morning he he woke up with no memory. He couldn’t remember a thing. No idea who he was, where he was or who I was. It took hours for him to regain all his memories. Doctors thought little of it, so we shrugged it off and decided it was just something weird that happened. But a year later it happened again, and again. This time we were more forceful with the GP and demanded they take it seriously. It took months to eventually get a brain scan, and then in February 2019 everything went upside down. Turned out he had a brain tumour. I was in South Africa at the time so flew home immediately. We didn’t know how serious it was, whether he would survive, whether it was even operable. We were both terrified.
Luckily, within days of his diagnosis Janos received the brainbox from brainstrust and was able to attend one of the local London meetups. The support he’s received from brainstrust has been invaluable. The charity has helped him feel less isolated, demystified brain tumours and helped him through this really difficult time.
As brainstrust have been so wonderful, I really wanted to do something that would give back to the charity, and allow them to continue their valuable work. I signed up to do a 5k race in Boxhill and trained for a month. Unfortunately the race ended up being cancelled due to rain. Rain! In Britain? Shock horror! But I decided to do the race on my own and loved the experience! Was great to take on a challenge that’s out of my usual comfort zone. I raised a total of £680 for the charity and hope to raise even more in the future.
If you’d like to take on a challenge to support other people living with a brain tumour, please email