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The Great brainstrust Create-Off

Throughout Brain Tumour Awareness Month in March, we joined our community as we focused on the importance of self-care. We chose to embrace the use of art and creativity to unwind, relax and re-charge. As a fun activity to encourage everyone to get involved, we launched our brand new competition: The Great brainstrust Create-Off.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response we’ve received, and thrilled to see lots of brilliant entries from people of all ages and abilities. A big thank you goes out to every single person who kindly took part.

Meet our judge, Chris

With so many wonderful pieces of artwork to choose from, we reached out to our lovely friend and artist, Chris Field, who kindly offered to be a judge.

Chris himself has a brain tumour, and his passion for art and connection to the cause helped to inspire the making of this competition.

Introducing the winners

We’re incredibly excited to announce the twelve winners selected to feature in our 2022 charity calendar. Each individual artist has a special connection to brainstrust, and we hope you enjoy the beauty we see in every piece.

We’d love to share some feedback below, and hope this inspires you to do something that makes you truly happy.

Anita – Competition Winner: 

I’m delighted to have discovered the medium of art. It is something very new to me and now that I have seen how it helps me to heal I’m willing to keep on lifting a paintbrush to see what I can do. The best day in my week is the day I paint. I find it so therapeutic, calming, exploratory with a good dose of creativity.

Pamela – Competition Winner: 

During lockdown drawing has been a lifesaver,  it keeps me well. Coloured pencil drawing is a new medium for me and I only started it during shielding. I started drawing on rocks and leaving them around my local area for people to find.  Friends started asking me to draw pet portraits for them and I’ve never stopped since.   I used to be an art therapist in the mental health field,  I saw how art helped so many people I worked with.  I now practice what I used to preach.

Julia – Competition Winner: 

In 2016, whilst I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumour and also a liver problem. I am also now partially sighted as a result of my tumour. I have loved taking part in this ‘Create-Off’. I have been able to devote a little time most days to create my picture. My artwork means a lot to me as it brings back some very happy memories of spending time with my son and my parents. It was a time when we were all able to de-stress. Thanks once again for organising this activity. It has truly been a delight to participate.

Sonya – Competition Winner:

A project on mindfulness and art is of long term importance to me, now more than ever. [This piece] made without prior planning, allowing me to find my way back into painting using instinct. It brought me surprise and happiness to view this painting the day after I made it. It has allowed me to rekindle my connection with places both imagined and remembered. The pain of memory loss and fear of memory-error have transmuted to an imagined place of beauty and tranquility.