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Meningiomas Matter.

Screengrab of new meningioma siteSo does meningioma support.

This brand-new website has been designed to help you cope with the challenges of living with and beyond a meningioma, so you can have your best possible day, every day.

The site provides support and information for people with a meningioma and their loved ones, across four categories:

It also contains stories from incredible members of our community who are living with and beyond a meningioma diagnosis.

Community driven support

Janice and Elly

We’ve worked with members of our meningioma community to create this site, and there are two people in particular who deserve a special mention: Janice and Elly. You may know them as the ‘Brain Tumour Twins‘! Best friends with matching brain tumours, they have supported each other throughout treatment and the many challenges that a meningioma brings.

“We’ve lived together, worked together, grown into real-life adults together, and now… have matching brain tumours together. What are the odds? Well, microscopically low, and yet here we are.”

They know that most people with a meningioma don’t have a best friend that knows exactly what they’re going through, so they’ve been tirelessly fundraising to ensure that people with a meningioma have somewhere to turn.

It’s thanks to Elly and Janice and their dedicated fundraising that we can reveal this brand-new website, providing tailored information and support for people with a meningioma.

Here’s what they have to say about the new site:

“We’re thrilled at the launch of brainstrust’s new website dedicated to providing advice, information and support to people with a meningioma. We hope it will help people like us navigate their way through diagnosis and treatment and perhaps most importantly, live well with a meningioma. A huge thank you to all our supporters who helped us raise the funds for this amazing resource!”

Explore the site now

Our meningioma website is full of tools, support and information that will help you cope with your diagnosis and get back to the things that matter most – the things that make you, you.

Click here to visit the site.

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