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“I’m just happy that, out of these dark times, I’m able to do something positive that might help others in a similar situation.”

When the UK first went into lockdown, many of us found ourselves in search of a purpose. This was certainly true for George, who decided to use lockdown as an opportunity to do something positive – not only for himself, but for a person and a cause very close to his heart. After years of writing poetry for friends and family, or for special occasions, George wanted to delve further into his love of writing.

I never seriously considered anything like writing a book. Then, last year, along came the Covid lockdown and I finally had time on my hands to do something!!  The idea for the book came to me when I was lying in bed early one Sunday morning.  So much so I had to get up and capture my thoughts – the whole thing then just evolved from there!

By December 2020, George had published his very first novel: Vengeance.  As a self-published author, George included a very special dedication paying tribute to his brother, Colin, who sadly died aged 53 following a brain tumour diagnosis. Generously, George has decided to donate the proceeds of his book to brainstrust in loving memory of Colin.

As it progressed I never for a second considered making any money out of it – as for me it was just the challenge of being able to do it but, as the book took shape that’s when I decided that, if I ever did sell any copies, any monies raised would go to charity. I’ve always been a supporter of cancer charities especially as, at the same time Colin was being treated for his brain tumour, my dad was also undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

For me, brainstrust was the perfect charity as Colin was only 53 when he died and I know how difficult it was for us as a family in coming to terms with and living with his diagnosis. I’m just happy that, out of these dark times, I’m able to do something positive that might help others in a similar situation.

We’re privileged to be part of Colin’s lasting legacy, and grateful to George for his continued support. Available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats, Vengeance has already received glowing reviews. “When vengeance drives the soul, sanity is left behind…” Click here to find out more.

We’d like to thank George for the kindness and generosity he has shown towards the brain tumour community. With the proceeds of every purchase being donated to brainstrust, George’s book will not only capture the imagination of his readers, but will also help to ensure that everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour receives the support they need to live their best possible day, every day. brainstrust also provides support to family, friends and caregivers. If you have been affected by a brain tumour diagnosis, please reach out to us by calling 01983 292 405 or by emailing

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