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brainstrust volunteers use their own experiences of a terrifying diagnosis to help other people live better with a brain tumour. We think that’s pretty amazing.

Support Volunteer – Sarah Boulton

I am a volunteer for brainstrust, reviewing resources for people with a brain tumour from a patient perspective.

My connection to the brain tumour community

After finding out I had a meningioma I discovered brainstrust and asked them for help. I requested a brain box which was full of really useful information and some lovely little touches like a notebook that I constantly wrote things in that I could ask at my appointments and some hand cream which was a nice treat. I was put in touch with Jodie who helped me from our first contact and continues to support me now even after my surgery. I really struggled after my surgery so I had some coaching sessions with Jodie to help me through it.

My favourite thing about volunteering

It’s very important to me that I can give something back to brainstrust after all the help they have given me and continue to give me. I want to make sure that other people in my situation can access the help and support that I did.

By doing some volunteering with Jodie it has helped me to build my confidence since my surgery.

How Sarah’s volunteering helps people with a brain tumour

Since getting in touch with brainstrust, Sarah has been a fantastic supporter of the charity, firstly through organising a wide range of fundraising activities and more recently through helping review some of our information resources. By having Sarah involved in the production of some of our information resources, it helped us to ensure that the information we are producing is relevant and impactful for the people that it is for. Sarah was also involved in user testing a new area of our website which again made sure we met our aims of the information being clear, information and easy to access.