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Nic Volunteers Week graphicbrainstrust volunteers use their own experiences of a terrifying diagnosis to help other people live better with a brain tumour. We think that’s pretty amazing.

Support Volunteer – Nic Vinogradov-Wouters

Nic is 22 and was diagnosed with a tumour in his pineal region in 2015. He underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. After a year of treatment he had a relapse with it reappearing in his spine. He had to undergo high dose chemotherapy and is particularly keen to help anyone about to undergo similar treatment.

Nic has been a guest speaker at our Paediatric Brain Tumour Symposium, sharing his experiences with parents, patients, clinicians and other experts to help show support for other people.

Why I volunteer with brainstrust

I like to volunteer with brainstrust because I see the amazing work you do and want to help by giving back what I can. It’s fulfilling to see I can use my tough experiences to help others!

How Nic’s volunteering helps people with a brain tumour

Nic has been a speaker at our Paediatric Symposium, and he has also been an invaluable contributor at our coaching workshops. Sharing his experience and his positive outlook inspired so many attendees, with many wanting to speak with him after the event and attendees finding his sharing of experiences refreshing, inspirational and, to quote one attendee, “humbling.”

Nic’s volunteering has an incredibly positive impact on our community. Nic is also keen to speak with anyone and provide peer support for other young people in our community.