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Gemma Volunteers Week

brainstrust volunteers use their own experiences of a terrifying diagnosis to help other people live better with a brain tumour. We think that’s pretty amazing.

Support Volunteer – Gemma Isaac

I am a volunteer for brainstrust. I help to arrange Meetups for brain tumour patients and carers living in the Berkshire area.

My connection to the brain tumour community

I am a brain tumour patient. I was diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma in 2013. I have had two awake craniotomies and am monitored regularly for any changes. Although my brain tumour is currently incurable I try to live as good a life as possible. I feel passionately about people being empowered to live the best way they can.

When I was diagnosed it was a very difficult time however with the support of brainstrust I have learned that we have to find ways of living with the uncertainty so that we can make the most of every day.

My favourite thing about volunteering

I find volunteering for brainstrust very rewarding. It is a good feeling helping people connect with others and developing positive peer support networks.

How Gemma’s volunteering helps people with a brain tumour

By volunteering in this way Gemma is helping create more opportunities for the brain tumour community in her area to get together. Meetups are a chance for people to make connections and to relax with others who understand.

“It was lovely to meet up with you all; always good to talk, laugh and cry, knowing we are special friends together! Thanks for being there.” Meetup attendee

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