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Matthew Volunteers Weekbrainstrust volunteers use their own experiences of a terrifying diagnosis to help other people live better with a brain tumour. We think that’s pretty amazing.

Support Volunteer – Matthew Pullan

I was diagnosed with an ependymoma at the age of 3 which was successfully treated and, unfortunately, 14 and a half years later I was diagnosed with an unknown cancerous brain tumour. I now run a blog, @runningthroughcancer, to help inspire people and give them insight into what it’s like with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Why I volunteer with brainstrust

I volunteered for brainstrust because I noticed that care and support for people between 16 and 22 is very limited. We are in limbo for who is going to look after us. So I aim to make the support less limited and make sure no one struggles more than they should.

How Matthew’s volunteering helps people with a brain tumour

Matthew is stellar! His impact has been so huge – on all fronts. His fundraising has enabled us to begin to develop a coaching offer for teenage and young adults. And let’s not forget that brainstrust was started due to Meg being diagnosed with a grade 2 glioma when she was 19. But more than this, Matthew is great to work with as he tells us how it is, what the gaps are and what we need to do.  He doesn’t hold back and is so eloquent in sharing his ideas. Matthew – you are a game changer!