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brainstrust worked closely with the Clinical Nurse Specialists at the Royal Preston Hospital to be present on a clinic day at the Rosemere Cancer Centre earlier this month.
During the clinic day, brainstrust’s Head of Support, Aisha was able to work directly with patients and carers attending appointments at the Cancer Centre.  Aisha was also asked by a patient to be with the family during a consultation where her care was discussed. The CNS team were very supportive of brainstrust being available on a clinic day. They will be planning future days where patients can meet a member of the brainstrust  team.  The families that we met are also keen to attend a Meetup in Preston to meet others in the same situation.
Jackie, CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) Royal Preston Hospital said,
“Having the brainstrust available on clinic days has been invaluable asset, it makes patients feel supported and provides additional information so that patients feel empowered”
Building relationships with hospitals is a core element of the work that our Support Specialists do within their regions. Close relationships mean that patients are signposted to our services sooner, and are not left unsupported outside of the hospital setting. Our closeness also enables us to keep patient experience and quality of life as a main focus in the clinical environment.
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