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Whether you’re joining the group of patients and carers currently bowling in Sheffield or not, there’s still reason to celebrate. This get together is a special one. It’s our 100th Meet Up!

We started having Meet Ups a few years ago so that the brain tumour community could come together, meet others in the same boat and share their experiences in an informal setting. We didn’t want to go down the support group route – we offer our help personally, at any time. So instead we decided to arrange afternoon teas and evening meals, anything that will bring anyone affected by a brain tumour together with others who truly understand.

Our Meet Ups have grown over the years and, as our 100th happens now, we’ve realised they’ve had 1500 attendees. That means that we have 1500 friends who we see regularly and who, perhaps unknowingly, have been vital to other people’s journeys, as others have to theirs. Because, although these Meet Ups are mainly all about fun, they perform another significant function. They make people feel less alone and less afraid in the face of a confusing and isolating brain tumour diagnosis.

The Meet Ups have varied too – we’ve recently held drawing workshops and, of course, now bowling. All we’d like to say now is thank you to everyone who attends our Meet Ups. You’ve not only become a resilient community who battles brain tumours together, but also our friends. And we always love seeing you.

Here’s to more Meet Ups in the future!

“This was our first brainstrust meet up and we were struck by the warmth and openness of this diverse group and to know that we are not alone. Everyone was so willing to share information which is brilliant. Thank you brainstrust team!”

“I was very pleased to be part of it last night. I’m truly impressed- these Meet Ups do perform a vital function. Everyone so needed to talk to like-minded people. Even if they didn’t know anyone, they just opened up”

“Great night, great food, lovely to meet new friends and share experiences. I’m not alone all the time- I’ve got brainstrust supporting me”

“It was so great to meet up yesterday. We all had a lovely time meeting you and the other patients/carers. My mother said an amazing thing in that yesterday really helped her feel stronger about dealing with her condition after meeting you all. So thank you again because what you do is give people that support which can have magical effects.”

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