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Two years ago, Jaime Brewer decided to go to the doctors during a lunch break from work, after a few weeks of ‘feeling different’. Everything changed then for Jaime and her family as it was revealed she had a brain tumour. Jaime and her daughter Charlotte, aged 12, have shared their stories for you to read here.



Jaime has also shared her advice to anybody else that finds themselves on this journey.

If I were to offer advice to others going through this:

  • Take the offer of support and help from others
  • Do things at your own pace
  • If you have kids, external support is a great help. It gives them someone they can speak to so they don’t have to worry about saying or asking something upsetting
  • Read peoples stories but remember everyone is different
  • Write a journal (a good one can be found in the Brain box). This is in case your memory is affected – you have it all written down then when you go to the consultant you can either show them what you have written or use it as a memory jogger.
  • No question is too silly so ask as many as possible
  • Up to a week before an MRI scan or blood tests drink loads and loads of water and cut back on the coffee. This helps finding veins. (I am now a pin cushion and about 4 attempts to get a cannula in is good)
  • Take a set of earphones to hospital with you so you can listen to the radio
  • If you are on steroids take care what time of day/night you take them as if you take them too late it can keep you awake until crazy o’clock
  • I now know that no matter what time of day or night, there will always be someone you can talk too as we have strange sleep patterns

If I were to offer advice to family and friends of someone going through this:

  • Offer support to the partner. Although they are not the one with the tumour they probably need more support that the patient
  • Silly things like ironing, cleaning, cooking keeping house are things that the partner should not have to worry about
  • Support with childcare when you can
  • Hampers full of sweet treats, books and coloring pens for the children.

We’re here for everybody affected by a brain tumour diagnosis: patients, carers and loved ones. If you need to talk to somebody, give us a call on 01983 292 405 to reach our 24 hour support line.