In Research News

Great news from Cancer Research UK (CRUK), who has just announced the latest three research teams to be granted £18 million in funding as part of The Cancer Research UK Brain Tumour Awards. These are the largest research grants in the UK dedicated solely to brain tumour research.

Glioblastoma and children’s brain tumours are the focus

The successful teams have been selected for their ambitious scientific vision and the transformative potential of their research for patient outlook. This research will build on the broader themes that are emerging from such big organisations such as CRUK and the Medical Research Council (MRC). We need basic science based research if we are ever going to see a break through in brain cancer treatments and it is right that this should sit within these organisations.

The full picture

Always at the forefront of our minds is the quality of life agenda. Even if a cure was found tomorrow, it would come at considerable cost to our basic human endeavour – to have our best possible day, every day.

A brain tumour takes its toll on us living our every day lives, and treatments and cures will have their own legacies. We’re here to help you live the life you want in the face of this impact.

Our world is where people affected by a brain tumour are involved, resourced, supported confident and connected. They are living the life they want, because they are people first, and patients second.