In Campaign News

This year we launched our Brain Tumour Tissue Campaign, which aims to increase the number of people consenting to donate their resected brain tumour tissue to research.  You can read more about the campaign, and how you can start the conversation HERE.

An article on the topic, which brainstrust had significant involvement in, has been published in a selection of journals on Biobanking.[1]

Helen Bulbeck, our Director of Services and Policy at brainstrust, and member of Independent Cancer Patients Voice, puts forth what needs to be done in the section ‘Brain Tumour Tissue Bank: The brainstrust Proposal’. You can read the full article HERE.

This is just another step forward for our campaign and ensuring that its importance is known in the academic/clinical field. 

We’ll keep working hard until 80% of patients are consenting for their tissue to be used in future research and advancements in treatment can thus be made.
But it’s still you, our brain tumour community that has the biggest part to play.

Ask about donating your brain tumour tissue for research. Start the conversation today.


[1] The full article The Importance of Quality Patient Advocacy to Biobanks: A Lay Perspective from Independent Cancer Patients Voice (ICPV), Based in the United Kingdom can be found in the journals below: