The Guide to Proton Beam Therapy

This information is written for you in 10 easy to understand sections, to be used individually or as a complete set.

As of July 2020, this now includes an online FAQs guide!

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Written alongside esteemed clinicians, scientists and expert patients and carers, and in accordance with NHS England’s Information Standard, this guide is invaluable to you if you want to understand more about Proton Beam Therapy. These booklets have been written to tackle the popular questions we hear, dispel many of the myths that have developed in recent years and first and foremost, to help you make informed decisions about Proton Beam Therapy with the most balanced and up to date information to hand.

This information has been created to help people:

  • feel more confident about PBT
  • be more informed and engaged in their situation
  • either be assured they are on the best care pathway or feel comfortable and confident in exploring further options
  • understand how brainstrust can help
  • know where further help and information may be available to them.

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