brainstrust’s research and evidence

We know that good support comes from strong evidence. We’re really proud to be involved in a growing body of clinical evidence that demonstrates the need for impactful emotional and pragmatic brain tumour support. Here is our library of published research that has involved brainstrust.

The range of topics the following research covers include:

Shared decision-making, imaging, quality of life, meningioma, glioblastoma, palliative care, caregivers, treatments, tissue donation, COVID 19.

Published brain tumour research 2020

1_Booth2020_Article_GlioblastomaPost-operativeImag_COVER“Glioblastoma post-operative imaging in neuro-oncology: current UK practice (GIN CUP study)”

Author(s): Booth, TC; Luis, A; Brazil, L; Thompson, G; Daniel, RA; Shuaib H; Keyoumars, A; Pandey, A

Topic(s): Glioblastoma, imaging

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Published brain tumour research 2019

Caregiver interventions front cover


“Interventions to help support caregivers of people with a brain or spinal cord tumour “

Boele FW, Rooney AG, Bulbeck H, Sherwood P

Topic(s): Caregivers, support

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“Treatment of newly diagnosed glioblastoma in the elderly”

Hanna C, Lawrie TA, Rogozińska E, Kernohan A, Bulbeck H, Ali UM, Jefferies S, Robinson T, Grant

Topic(s): Glioblastoma, treatment, age

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Published brain tumour research 2018

Proton therapy and clinical evidence front cover


“Proton Beam Therapy – the Challenges of Delivering High-quality Evidence of Clinical Benefit.”

Amos, R, Bulbeck, H, Burnet, NG et al. (9 more authors)

Topic(s): brain tumour treatment, research, proton beam therapy

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“Evaluating excellence in radiotherapy”

Chalmers, A, Adams, R, Bulbeck, H, Burnet, N, Evans, P, Lambin, P, Plummer, R, Stratford, I, Van der Heide, U, Seabag-Montefiore, D.

Topic(s): brain tumour treatment, research, radiotherapy, NCRI, CTRad

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Published brain tumour research 2017
Published brain tumour research 2016

“Clinical development of new drug radiotherapy combinations”

Ricky A. Sharma, Ruth Plummer, Julie K. Stock, Tessa A. Greenhalgh, Ozlem Ataman, Stephen Kelly, Robert Clay, Richard A. Adams, Richard D. Baird, Lucinda Billingham, Sarah R. Brown, Sean Buckland, Helen Bulbeck, Anthony J. Chalmers, Glen Clack, Aaron N. Cranston, Lars Damstrup, Roberta Ferraldeschi, Martin D. Forster, Julian Golec, Russell M. Hagan, Emma Hall, Axel‑R. Hanauske, Kevin J. Harrington, Tom Haswell, Maria A. Hawkins, Tim Illidge, Hazel Jones, Andrew S. Kennedy, Fiona McDonald, Thorsten Melcher, James P. B. O’Connor, John R. Pollard, Mark P. Saunders, David Sebag-Montefiore, Melanie Smitt, John Staffurth, Ian J. Stratford and Stephen R. Wedge on behalf of the NCRI CTRad Academia-Pharma Joint Working Group

Topic(s): brain tumour treatment, research, radiotherapy

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Published brain tumour research 2015

“The ROAM/EORTC-1308 trial: Radiation versus Observation following surgical resection of Atypical Meningioma: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial”

Author: Jenkinson et al

Topic(s): Brain Tumour Surgery, Radiotherapy, Observation, Meningioma

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“The Importance of Quality Patient Advocacy to Biobanks: A Lay Perspective From Independent Cancer Patients Voice (ICVP), Based in the United Kingdom” 

Author(s): Wilcox, M; Grayson, M; MacKenzie, M; Stobart, H; Bulbeck, H; Flavel, R

Topic(s): ICVP, Patient Advocacy, Biobanks

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“A Lack of Consent to Donate Tissue
Hampers Progress”

Author(s): Mitchell, C; Bailey, NE; Bulbeck, H; Hopkins, K; Price. S; Stewart, W; Hilton, D; Nicoll, JAR; Kurian, KM

Topic(s): Brain Tumour Tissue, Tissue Hampers, Consent Procedures

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