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What are your new year’s resolutions?

A new year brings with it new opportunities. New year’s resolutions can be a helpful way to stay positive, to give you that extra push to stick to the habits you know help you have your best possible day. It can help you take the plunge and do the thing you’ve always wanted to do – something scary and exciting.

Whatever your goals, we’ve shared some ideas for new year’s resolutions below:

The big, scary one

If you’re looking for an epic challenge this year, look no further than Follow the Seagulls. 50 miles. 2 days. On foot. 2020 could be the year you take on your biggest physical challenge, and do something amazing for people living with a brain tumour.

In January you can get 25% off entry with the code ‘Seagulls25’. What are you waiting for?

Find out more and sign up now

Little changes, big impact

Sometimes, new years resolutions lead to disappointment because we make grand promises to ourselves that just aren’t realistic. It’s often the smallest changes that, if done consistently, can have the biggest impact.

We’ve already spoken about this in the context of fatigue – check that out here. But it applies for all sorts. If you are struggling with walking very far, set yourself small, realistic step goals that build up gradually over time. Most importantly, go easy on yourself. Treat yourself with the compassion you would give a friend who was in your situation.

Giving your time

Maybe this year you want to use your time to support other people? We wouldn’t be here without our wonderful volunteers, giving time through peer support, or doing bucket collections in their local towns.

Interested? Let us know here.

Reconnecting with you

What’s something you loved to do as a child? Just for fun. It could be painting or colouring books, crosswords, or feeding the ducks at the park. Carve some time out every week that is just for you and fill it with a hobby. That time to connect to yourself can be vital in pausing and getting some headspace.

A passion project

Sink your teeth into a project in 2020. From The Forest Games to the Legacy Festival, we are so grateful to the wonderful people behind these amazing events that raise vital funds to support people living with a brain tumour.

Sound interesting? Get in touch with Sophie, who can help with inspiration. If you’ve already got your idea, she’ll help you make it come to life!