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Dry January? We’re thinking Jaded January.

Dr Helen Bulbeck, our director of services and policy, reflects on the start of the new year and how to make real, achievable resolutions in 2020:

So that was Christmas. It never happens quite as we think it will and when you bring the challenge of living with a brain tumour into the mix, it can be overwhelming at times. Add the partying, the start of new decade, all those wonderful resolutions, and suddenly the new year has lost its sparkle, leaving you feeling very flat and well, fatigued. So this year, we’re going to suggest to you some resolutions. We all need resolutions. They’re promises we make to our better selves.

But these resolutions you will keep. You’ll keep them because they won’t be nigh impossible to achieve and they won’t be deeply flawed. You’ll keep them because we’re going to give you the tools and strategies to meet them. Every month we’re going to focus on an area that we know is important to you.

How do we know what matters to you? Our coaching approach means that, at brainstrust, we listen, listen some more and then ask questions. We focus on helping you to understand what is important to you so that you can achieve specific immediate goals that can be transformative for you. So January is all about fatigue. We’re going to help you gain a little more self-compassion and be kind to yourself. This may mean letting go of a little bit of hope. It’s about being good enough. It’s about accepting that perfection is impossible. And in doing so you’ll be able to make some tiny, good enough, improvements that will help with your fatigue.

So instead of being resolved to be less fatigued, and have more energy, we’re going to help you to understand what we mean by fatigue, where it comes from, how it is different when living with a brain tumour. And most of all we’re going to share with you how you can make some 1% changes across one or two areas, which is good enough, instead of 100% change, which is impossible.

So join us. Your first resolution? Either download our fatigue book or ordered one by emailing

And your second? Put the kettle on and read it!

And your third? Stay in touch for Jaded January.