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Another year, another incredible Legacy Festival

Legacy Festival is an annual three-day event organised by Lyndsey Rowe, founder of Lloyd’s Legacy. As a lasting tribute to her son, Legacy Festival celebrates family and friendship with a focus on live music, outdoor camping, exciting games and good food. It’s an event which people come back to year on year – a firm favourite in the diary, and we know just why! This July, our new Community Fundraiser, Sophie, set off on a journey from Leeds to Eastleigh to lend a helping hand, and to see it all in action. Read Sophie’s story below:

The sun was shining and the stage was set

When I first arrived, I received such a warm welcome. I knew from that moment on that I’d have a fabulous time. After being introduced to Lyndsey and her friends and family, it was clear to see just how much this event meant to everyone. Looking out onto two stages, a row of marquees, a pre-built bar and games area, I could tell how hard everyone had worked in the months and weeks building up to the big weekend. Come rain or shine, this event was going to be a huge success.

All the colours of the rainbow

My first task of the day was to proudly display the Lloyd’s Legacy rainbow next to the main stage. With meters of coloured netting and more cable ties than you can imagine, it was time to do some DIY crafting! The finished result didn’t fail to catch the eye, and reminded everyone why this event was so special.

Ice cream, anyone?

Following the hottest day of the year, it was time to stock up on ice cream! With hundreds of people traveling to Eastleigh for the festival, I had to beat the traffic in search of the most retro ice creams I could find. With Fabs, Nobbly Bobblys and Twisters in the basket, I stocked up on Flakes and headed back to site. When I returned, I was greeted by the troublesome duo running ‘King’s of Kream’, Legacy Festival’s very own ice cream shop.

When the music comes to you

It wasn’t long before the music started and the event got into full swing. It’s safe to say I had a front row seat, and made memories to last a lifetime. The bands didn’t disappoint, playing their unique versions of hit songs that everyone could sing-a-long and dance to, and that they did! My favourite part of the night, by far, was being immersed by musicians as they spontaneously made their way through the crowd mid-performance. The atmosphere made for an incredible experience, with beaming smiles and laughter all-round.

The sun went down and the crowds appeared

With a long journey ahead of me, it was time to head back… but it’s fair to say, I didn’t want to leave! Even though I’d been there all day, it seemed like it had only just begun. The already big crowd seemed to double in size, and they were there to stay (quite literally, with almost everyone camping on-site). I stood with Lyndsey and soaked it all in – one of those mid-chaos moments you look back on and smile. As we watched the fire dancer perform with the live band (yes, a fire dancer), we talked about how special it was to watch the event come to life in all its glory.

A lasting legacy 

This year, Legacy Festival raised an incredible £8,413.39! Lloyd’s Legacy have now raised over £30,000 for brainstrust, and we couldn’t be more grateful. A huge thank you goes out to the event organisers, the many volunteers, supporters, and of course, everyone who attended. The proceeds raised at Legacy Festival will help to fund counselling sessions, a cause which Lloyd himself was very passionate about.
Here at brainstrust, we are incredibly proud to have supported thousands of people through such a difficult journey, and we couldn’t do this without the generosity an support we receive from funds like Lloyd’s Legacy.