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Brain tumour Know Hows: helping you understand current topics

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When it comes to brain tumours, accessing simple, factual information can be difficult. There is a great deal of conflicting information available that can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. We’ve created the brain tumour Know Hows so you can access concise, clear and impartial information about current topics. As with all of our resources, where they involve health information, our Know Hows are written following our rigorous Information Standard process, so you know that the information is trustworthy and reliable.

At brainstrust we want everybody affected by a brain tumour to be informed and resourced to live the life they want. When you understand a topic, you can make the right decisions for you. These Know Hows will probably lead you to do further reading, but they provide an excellent starting point so you can fully engage with issues faced by our community.

Current Know Hows

  • How to get a second opinion
    Understanding the pros and cons of a second opinion, and the routes you can take to get one.
  • Returning to work
    Practical advice for patients and carers returning to work, after illness or bereavement.
  • How to deal with the overwhelm
    Helping you understand what is within your power to change, and practical guidance for prioritising.
  • Immunotherapy DCVax
    Explaining a recent trial to help you understand this brain tumour treatment.
  • How to handle conflict
    Helping you cope with emotional responses and make the most of conflict.
  • Cannabinoids
    Make sense of mixed messages in the brain tumour community and media surrounding cannabinoids.

Visit the Know Hows page here.

The topics covered by our Know Hows are driven by our community’s needs, so please get in touch if there is a something that you would like to see covered.