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An inspiring young girl from Carmarthenshire, is set to raise thousands of pounds for three charities with sales of a book written shortly before losing her battle with a brain tumour.

Isabel Williams from Penygroes, Carmarthenshire, was diagnosed with a brain tumour (glioblastoma) in April 2015, when she was aged just twelve. She underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Facing her treatment bravely, she never failed to make everyone around her smile with her.

LATCH Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity bought art classes to Isabel’s home and this where her creativity flared and this is where the idea of writing a book began. Isabel wanted to write a book that would help others with her simple message that even during the most testing of times, there is always hope and a way forward.

Isabel and her aunty Lisa

Along with Isabel’s aunty Lisa, the story of Belle and the Bear came to life. Lisa helped Isabel with the story and the artwork which provides a beautiful accompaniment to this warm and soothing short tale about Belle and her friendship with the kindest of bears.

Isabel and her family were supported by brainstrust throughout her treatment and we are just one of the charities chosen by Isabel to be the recipient of all profits from sales of this most special book, alongside LATCH Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity and Dreams and Wishes.

Lisa commented:

“Isabel is truly an inspiration to the family, and we had no idea that the book that we wrote together would go on to provide us all with so much comfort. We’re hopeful that sales from the books, which are available in both Welsh and English, will go on to help the three charities that played such a vital role in supporting us when things were really tough.”

Helen Bulbeck, Director of Services and Policies at brainstrust commented:

“Belle showed true resilience in the face of her diagnosis. It is a privilege to be able to share Belle and the Bear as a small part of Belle’s generous legacy. Her reach through Belle and the Bear will enable others to feel the sunshine that she brought to so many”. 

Steve Price, Public Relations Officer at LATCH, commented:

“Isabel was a pure joy to be around, making an enormous impression on everyone here at LATCH and Rainbow Ward. Her gentle, kind nature is so evident throughout this wonderful book which is full of gentle wisdom and it says so much about her character that she wanted to give back even when she was going through such a terribly difficult time herself.”

Books will be available from our online brainstrust shop from Wed 6th March and via Amazon from 21st March.


For further information please contact our support specialist for children and families, Khadijha.