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brainstrust Director of Services and Policy, Helen Bulbeck, was invited to the IBTA summit to deliver a workshop on best practice in support and palliative care. Here’s what she has to say about the event:

IBTA is the International Brain Tumour Alliance, run by Kathy Oliver. Every two years IBTA funds a summit to which are invited representatives of the global brain tumour charities so that we can come together to learn about the latest developments in brain tumour care, share what works well (and what doesn’t), meet old acquaintances and make new ones. Its a super experience and everybody contributes something.

This year it was held at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland so we had access to some of the top neuro-oncology clinicians in the world. I was privileged to work with Christine Siegel, a nurse practitioner from NIH and Christine Mungoshi, senior advisor to IBTA and founding member and Director of the Zimbabwe Brain Tumour Association (ZBTA). Together we delivered a workshop on best practice in supportive and palliative care.