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What is life like for teenagers/young adults and their caregivers after a childhood brain tumour?


Are you a teenager or young adult aged 13 – 30 who had a childhood brain tumour diagnosis?


A caregiver of a young adult who is a childhood brain tumour survivor?


Researchers from the University of Leeds are conducting a study, funded by the charity Ellie’s Fund and Yorkshire Cancer Research. This research aims to understand more about how having a brain tumour in childhood can affect survivors and their caregivers (e.g. parents, grandparents, siblings) when they become young adults. We are asking people to take part in a survey to find out more about their experiences and any support needs. By having more information in this area it could help us to see how we can better support survivors and their caregivers.

At brainstrust we know that the brain tumour journey doesn’t end when treatment does.  We know there may well be a period of rehabilitation and learning to live with the new normal.

Interested in taking part?

To find out more information and to take part in the survey please click on the appropriate link below:

If you have any questions or concerns about the study or survey please get in touch with Emma Nicklin via the contact details below.

Emma Nicklin, PhD Student.    Tel: 0113 20 68330    Email:

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