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All over the country, team brainstrust superstars took on Run, Row, Ride: LOCKDOWN EDITION to raise vital funds for people with a brain tumour during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Together, they ran over 500 miles and raised over £4,000! Here’s a spotlight on some absolute superstars

Margaret finished stereotactic radiotherapy in April, and she walked the challenge to rebuild her confidence and prove her strength!

Every day Margaret shared an update in our brain tumour support Facebook group, and we shared them for you to read here.

“Somewhere buried deep and hindered by my weight gain is the ability to “run”!!! The fear of triggering a seizure has been conquered. I just loved it. I felt like singing for you all!”

Ellen and Amanda, long time supporters of brainstrust, ran their 30 miles and joined our Strava runners club to stay motivated.

“We took on the challenge as we are now living together and have always supported brainstrust as a team with previous fundraising events. The reason we support brainstrust is for the incredible support and resources they gave my mum and our family when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.”






Adam decided to crank up the challenge and took on 30 miles of running, rowing AND cycling – in 24 hours!

He’s been on a journey to take on as many epic challenges as he can, all in memory of his wife Jenna. You can watch Adam’s update on the challenge over on his YouTube channel. And if you’ve got a challenge that you think is big enough, let us know, as Adam is always looking for more!





We’re so grateful to everyone that took part in the challenge and helped us raise the vital funds to keep our support going throughout this time when physical events have all been cancelled and postponed. See you in November, for Run, Row, Ride 2020 round two!