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Pro Wrestler Kid Lykos raises funds for brainstrust

“I chose to raise money for brainstrust as someone I consider a friend, and who is involved with professional wrestling has been dealing with a brain tumour for a while now. I know brainstrust has helped him, and I hoped that any money I could donate would help others in the same way. I feel like you don’t really notice certain charities until it affects someone you know, but once I knew about brainstrust and what they had done, they had to receive the donation. Hopefully this can be the first of many.”

Kid Lykos is a British professional wrestler who performs for Progress wrestling here in the UK.

Recently, his efforts to fundraise for brainstrust and the Downs Syndrome Association resulted in a generous donation of £360 to each charity after he auctioned one of his custom wrestling masks!

We were extremely grateful for his contributions to the community and for also having the opportunity to find out more about his interesting and exciting career; Professional wrestling as an industry has always had a reciprocal relationship with it’s live audience, yet shows like Progress admirably continue to provide entertainment to their fans online despite the pandemic.

Kid Lykos had this to say about performing over the last year:

I’ve actually enjoyed it. Prior to the first Progress tapings, I hadn’t wrestled for 24 months, due to severe injury, and then Covid restrictions, so coming back to it I’ve been buzzing. It’s different, but it’s felt like I’ve developed a completely different skill set when wrestling in front of no fans. I am hopeful that when fans can come back, I’ll be a more well rounded performer. 

I think it’s made me appreciate little intricacies in Pro Wrestling that I may not have noticed before. Not having reactions, you really have to focus in on what works and what’s good, or what’s bad. It’s been an interesting time. “

We went on to ask him what excites him most about fans being allowed to return to live shows:

“Getting to share the joy I feel being back in the ring, with people who still love pro wrestling in the UK. Plus, just that feeling you get from performing for a crowd. 24 months (plus 3 more and counting) without a crowd is too long haha.”

We’d like to thank Kid Lykos for his generous efforts to support the brain tumour community. His heartfelt donation could fund the cost of six counselling sessions for a patient or caregiver. For those overwhelmed by anxiety and struggling to cope, counselling offers a safe and confidential space to talk through feelings, understand emotions and explore steps to make positive change. brainstrust provides rapid access to counselling, so people who need this support are not impacted by the usual wait for such a service.

“Without counselling I would not have been able to face my neuro appointment with such positivity and hope.” – Patient.

You can also find out more about what’s happening in Progress wrestling on their website, YouTube and Twitter, alongside Kid Lykos on his Twitter and Instagram.

If you have been affected by a brain tumour diagnosis, please reach out to us by calling 01983 292 405 or by emailing