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Coping when you’re overwhelmed

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When situations change, it is hard to know which way to turn. Things that you did so easily suddenly become overwhelming. If you are a person living with a brain tumour, there may also be changes in your ability to function as you used to. Some things are within your power to change. Some are not.

We’ve got resources and events that can help you to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Find out more below.


Got 10 minutes? Check out our Know How

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Know Hows are our quick guides to important topics when you’re living with a brain tumour. We have a library of 30 Know Hows that you can access here.

Our Know How on dealing with the overwhelm is designed to help you understand the difference, and prioritise the things that you can have an impact on. Even if you’re short on time, this Know How will help you to manage when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Download the Know How, take in the information and set some time aside to put your learning into practice. Refer back to it whenever things feel too much!

Download the Dealing with the overwhelm Know How.



Want to go deeper? Join the webinar

We also run a webinar to help you address and overcome feeling overwhelmed when you, or someone you love, has a brain tumour. Join us to share your thoughts and experiences with others who understand and put the strategies in the Know How into action.

Sign up for the Overwhelm webinar on 18 May.

“It helped me focus on what I can change. I particularly liked making my lists. I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My stress headache eased and I began to feel in control again.” Patient, August 2020

Our Thrive with brainstrust events are curated to help you live better with a brain tumour. You can find all of our upcoming events here.