Thomas (and Erica’s) story

At the back of my mind…living with a brain tumour Spilled sambuca The symptoms started when I was working as a bartender in Australia, pouring shots for punters. My right hand started shaking. [...]

Trish’s story

Almost a decade ago, Trish had a grand mal seizure in 2014 whilst driving her car. Following a CT and a MRI, she was diagnosed with a low grade oligodendroglioma, which grows slowly and affect [...]

Julie’s story

Back in 2019 I went to the doctors complaining of daily headaches. I was then prescribed high blood pressure tablets. My headaches did ease up a little. In June 2022 I got up at 3am to visit the [...]

Debbie’s story

  Debbie’s story Debbie was still recovering from a traumatic illness in 2009 when she experienced further upheaval with a brain tumour diagnosis. Despite this, Debbie is now a Brainstrust [...]

How brainstrust helped me through hard times

Jane was diagnosed with a Meningioma in 2020, and after a twelve-and-a-half-hour surgery was left struggling with the physical side effects. Jane has shared her story from diagnosis to present [...]

How I started living better with fatigue

Andrew received an Acoustic Neuroma diagnosis at 40 and underwent surgery in 2017. It was upon returning to work that Andrew realised he needed support as fatigue proved incredibly hard to deal [...]

Living with a meningioma and accepting the new me

Hi, I’m Ann. I live in South Wales with my partner, and I have a son who lives with his wife in Bristol. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, walking on the beaches and cliffs of the [...]

Making the most of time with my Dad

When my Dad got diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma last year, our whole lives turned upside down. My Dad and I have always been close, and it hit me really hard. brainstrust sent us a brain [...]