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First, we are people.

In late 2019 we embarked on our new strategy that cements our commitment to support people with a brain tumour and their caregivers.

Being diagnosed with a brain tumour is devastating and it’s easy to become locked into a relentless medical process that forgets we are human. We may be patients, but first and foremost, we are people too. Our mission is to support those with a brain tumour with a focus on the very human needs they have at each and every step of their journey.

Ben Young, Trustee, brainstrust

This mission is vital.

First and foremost, we are here to help those with a brain tumour who fall into a chasm between improving clinical care and the quest for a cure. We support these people with impactful coaching and information that addresses a real, practical need. Our work in this area over the past 14 years has shown us that a brain tumour is isolating; care is complex and confusing; communication is hard; behaviour and personality change is devastating; there is massive financial impact; and patients and their carers are simply exhausted. This is either from the burden of caring or brain tumour related fatigue. None of these challenges is addressed in the lab or the hospital. They are tackled at home, where we are people, not patients.

This period sees us doubling down on our commitment to improving life for people with a brain tumour diagnosis, with a far greater focus on life beyond the hospital setting. We are continuing our work, relentlessly, to help people live life as best they can with a brain tumour and drive a broader cultural change—a change where we see that first, we are people. When we look at care as people, we are resourceful, whereas patients are passive. We can see that emotions and values drive behaviour, not clinicians alone. And as patients look at challenges, but as people, we seek opportunity.

We know you can live your best possible day, even at end of life. Our goal is to ensure that everyone living with a brain tumour, including caregivers, has access to the support they need so they can be people first, living their best day, no matter where they are on the brain tumour pathway.

Helen Bulbeck, Director of Services and Policy, brainstrust

Our updated look communicates this more clearly.

brainstrusts name, logo purpose, activities and team remain seamlessly aligned with our strategic direction. We are simply doing a better job of saying why we are here, who we are and what we do so that even more people from all walks of life can share an affinity with brainstrust and benefit from our high-impact support.

Reflecting our strategy, this evolution in our look and feel centres people at the heart of everything we do. We’re the same organisation, with a streamlined look that demonstrates clearly how we make life better for people with a brain tumour. Bolder statements (rooted in evidence) and updates to our colour palette reflect the optimism of our belief that with access to brainstrust support, community and resources, everyone with a brain tumour can have their best possible day.”

Eve Flynn, Communications Manager, brainstrust

Our brand new support catalogue, highlighting all of the ways that we can help you to live better with a brain tumour, is available to download here.