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Maidstone Harriers support #TeamSeth

The power of community never fails to inspire us. When people come together united by a common cause, they can achieve extraordinary things. This is exactly what Maidstone Harriers set out to do when they launched their Virtual Run in support of #TeamSeth, and we’re incredibly grateful to be receiving their support.

In just six weeks, hundreds of people from across the country will join Maidstone Harriers to complete a 10k virtual race in support of seven year old Seth, and his family. To make it even more special, Maidstone Harriers have incorporated Seth’s love for all things pirates! Runners willing to embrace the theme are being asked to dress up on the day, sharing their pictures for #TeamSeth to enjoy. Those who cross the finish line will have the pleasure of receiving a bespoke medal designed by Seth himself. An inspired event for an inspiring little boy.

Seth’s Story

In 2017, just weeks after Seth’s fourth birthday, he was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with a cancerous and aggressive medulloblastoma brain tumour.

Seth’s mum, Sam, recently spoke about the journey they’ve been on, which she describes below.

“Following a blue light dash to hospital, Seth underwent a long operation which was completely successful in removing the whole tumour. Unfortunately, MRI scans showed signs of early metastasis to his spine. Seth underwent daily radiotherapy to his brain and spine, alongside chemotherapy.

Happily, in October 2018, end of treatment scans showed Seth now had no evidence of disease and he got to ring the end of treatment bell at the Royal Marsden surrounded by his friends and family.

Despite being physically really fit and well, unhappily recent scans have shown a new area of disease in his brain. Having been in talks with our oncologists and neurosurgeon, the way forward appears to be for Seth to undergo another operation to endoscopically try to remove as much of the tumour as possible. This will then be followed up by more chemotherapy.

Although we have a positive plan in place to try and fight the tumour, we’ve been told that realistically we now stand only a very small chance of a complete cure and that the best we can hope for is to give Seth a good quality of life and time to make memories with us, his parents, and his 3 older brothers. Whilst we know that the odds are highly stacked against us, we are determined to fight this with everything we’ve got and to make the most of every minute we get together as a family.”

Community spirit leads the way

When Seth was diagnosed in 2017, his mum, Sam, was a member of Maidstone Harriers. Ever since, the group have supported #TeamSeth and the family’s chosen charity, brainstrust. Lead event organiser, Catey Bowles, said:

“As a competitive club we naturally turned our thoughts towards a race! And so the Maidstone Harriers Charity 10k was born, and because of lockdown, we are doing it as a virtual run.

At Harriers, we all remember how devastating it was for the Dickenson’s to learn this awful news, and we’ve supported them for the last couple of years as they’ve traveled along the brain cancer journey that they didn’t want to be on. We’ve been inspired by their courage and we’ve cried for their despair.

Now, as we learnt that treatment is no longer working and little Seth has little time left, we’ve decided to do what we can to support the family’s chosen charity, brainstrust, the brain cancer people. So join us, as a show of solidarity by participating in our race, with the entire profits going to brainstrust.”

If you’d like to take on this epic virtual challenge, please visit Maidstone Harriers website to find out more.