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Following a high grade glioma diagnosis, Paula and Richard Middleton struggled to find a resource that would help them to explain Richard’s diagnosis to their young daughter. And so Toby the Teapot was born, a wonderful and beautifully illustrated book that helps children understand a loved one’s diagnosis or, as the book calls it, their ‘poorly lid’.

The book and its characters help with:

How to explain cancer to a child
Coping with cancer in the family
Explaining Brain tumour symptoms to a child

Toby now stars in his own little video, which shows how the book so sensitively explains brain tumour symptoms and diagnosis to a child through the quirky characters.

You can purchase Toby Teapot’s Daddy has a poorly lid here and a donation from each sale will go towards brain tumour support. 

Every brain box that we sent out to a family will also have one popped in, along with our own Snaggle Tooth Splat guide for families, which also helps to explain cancer to a child.