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Building a helpful and supportive community for brain cancer patients and carers has always been a priority of ours. By running a closed Facebook group, made up of members of this brain cancer community, we’ve enabled those who feel isolated and terrified to access instant support and understanding, from ourselves and from one another.

We’ve seen our little group grow from strength to strength over the years, and now we’ve reached 1000 members. That’s 1000 incredible people who share their experiences, can relate to the problems and provide vital comfort and understanding to one another along this terrifying journey.


Here’s what some of the members have to say about the group:

“I found this page and am so glad I did. No one understands like you all do”- Patient


“This site is the best .No one judges anyone . We are all in the same club or supporting someone in the club. I have good days and bad days but come what may we will all support each other .I have also realised there are people out here with the same problems. Which may sound silly but it makes me feel better, because I am not on my own” – Patient


One member has even written an insightful poem about the Facebook group, which highlights how vital it is for helping her cope with life as a brain tumour patient, day to day. 


We hope you never have to join the group or need us. But, if you or a loved one is struggling with a brain tumour diagnosis, then our community will welcome you and help you on this journey. 

You can request to join our Facebook Support group HERE