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Lisa Connell, an inspiring brain tumour patient, has started up her own hair and beauty salon with a difference. Her business offers free hair and beauty treatments to others also living with a brain tumour. The salon, which is run from a converted spare bedroom in her house in High Barnet, was inspired by her own experiences.  


Lisa herself was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2007, and has had to completely re-design her lifestyle and work since, to allow for her frequent treatments and the varying energy levels that she experiences from the condition.


Helen Bulbeck Director of Service and Policy at brainstrust has said- 

“Being diagnosed with a brain tumour is like no other diagnosis. It strikes at your very identity – you have to let go of the person you were and discover a new you. Lisa is amazing; not only has she done this but she is helping others to do the same. It is important that people hold on to what it is important to them and work can be a lifeline. So anything that helps people move to a more positive space is a gift. We are really grateful to Lisa for providing people with this opportunity.”


Lisa, who is a qualified beautician, is currently completing a hairdressing qualification that goes beyond just offering traditional treatments. She’s much more committed to those who she treats, offering a full service that is completely free to brain tumour patients. Lisa has also got her partner Dean to help out and he too offers free hair treatments to patients in her salon.  And, together they’re steadily building regular customers who are empathetic to the cause and enjoy the special service provided.


I was lucky enough to be sponsored by The Nouveau Beauty Group. From this, I wanted to give back. I decided to offer FREE Hair & Beauty treatments to fellow brain tumour sufferers. It’s not just a pamper treatment, it’s an opportunity to meet someone else in their situation & reward them at the same time. I do this from the comforts of my own home & it is truly is a magical experience, for us both.” 


In recognition for her contribution towards helping people with a brain tumour, Lisa has won the Halifax Given Extra Award in her local region.

You can find out more about Lisa’s business here.