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How to create optimal health for prevention and recovery: a workshop delivered for brainstrust by Jenny Phillips

We were extremely fortunate this week that nutritionist Jenny Phillips came to London to deliver an excellent workshop on nutrition for our community.

Why Jenny?

Jenny is passionate about the power of nutrition for optimising physical health and psychological wellbeing. A captivating and engaging speaker, Jenny took us with her on a nutrition journey. She outlined the science-y bits for us about normal cells within our bodies and cancer cells, and how nutrition plays a part in supporting healthy cells. She addressed normal healthy eating guidelines in the UK and how exploring alternatives to these could better benefit us. Learning about foods that are traditionally considered healthy but which are best avoided was a revelation, but more importantly, Jenny helped us to understand why.

The role of diet in living with brain cancer

Many of us have already made changes to our diet and lifestyle as the result of a brain tumour diagnosis, and Jenny was able to provide words of wisdom to support individual approaches for those who requested this. Keen on individualising practices in nutrition, Jenny doesn’t advocate a ‘one size fits all’ diet, rather she understands the constraints of lifestyle and personal choice. This approach helped us not to feel judged or like we had to do things a certain way in order to be healthy, however we left the workshop far more informed and able to make positive healthy lifestyle choices to benefit our own health.

You can find out more about Jenny here, and buy her excellent book ‘Eat to OUTSMART Cancer’ here.

If you would be interested in attending a future workshop like this one, please do get in touch with – we’d be happy to try to facilitate this for you.