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One of our amazing fundraisers, David Mutton, is soon to take on one of the most difficult one day sporting events in the world: Ironman, comprising a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run.

It’s not the first time David has done something huge for brainstrust. In May 2011, he cycled from London to Paris to raise money for our support service.

“When I finished London to Paris my first feeling was relief. I’d pulled a ligament/muscle behind my left knee on day 2 and I was in agony. There were points on the 3rd day when I thought about getting in “The Love Bus” (the minibus at the back) but then I thought to myself “David, there’s thousands of people out there who are going through a lot worse than you did. You are not going to quit now!!!” My second feeling was a sense of accomplishment. I remember thinking “wow – you’ve had brain surgery and cycled to Paris” and now here I am in just under 3 weeks’ time about to enter Ironman, one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world”

David’s training for next month’s challenge hasn’t exactly been plain sailing. In March he started suffering from headaches again and the following month he fell off of his bike and chipped a bone in his hand. Yet, he’s now, due to sheer determination, back to where he was before the accident and ready to take on his next challenge for brainstrust, the charity that he has a personal connection to.

“The reason I’m supporting brainstrust is quite simple. I have a benign brain tumour (Pilocytic Astrocytoma) and I can’t think of a cause closer to me. I attended one of the meet ups in Chelmsford back in February. It was brilliant to talk to people who have been or are currently going through what I went through. It was also nice be able to talk about it without people shrinking back in horror or having people think that I’m about to drop down dead”

Support David with his biggest challenge yet

To sponsor David for his most difficult challenge yet, and help him raise funds to support more people across the UK who are living with and beyond a terrifying brain tumour diagnosis visit www.justgiving.com/dmutton 

“One of the sayings associated with Ironman is that “Anything is Possible”.  On 19th July I will find out if that is true”

If you, like David, want to take on a challenge for brainstrust, visit our events page and sign up today. Your fundraising will help us, as we build a support service for more people in the UK who are living with and beyond a terrifying brain tumour diagnosis.