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Little brainstrust Meetup in Sheffield

Last week we held a little brainstrust Meetup at Pizza Hut in Sheffield for children, teenagers and their families that have been impacted by a brain tumour. We know the challenges families face when living with a brain tumour and our meetups provide a chance for them to meet others going through a similar experience.

Not just children, teenagers too!

One of the young people who attended was Matthew. Matthew is recovering from his treatment for  a brain tumour and he attended our meet up with his mother and grandparents. Susan, Matthew’s mother has attended our Meetups before, however it was Matthew’s first. She commented:

“Matthew was really glad he came along; it was so good for him to meet, someone his own age who’s gone through treatment for a brain tumour and is now dealing with the fallout from that. He’s not had this opportunity before. I certainly believe he benefited from the experience and says he’ll definitely come along to another meet up 😀. It was a friendly, comfortable and welcoming environment with a great host!”

On the day another teenager mentioned how great it was to “finally meet someone my age who understands”. This short statement will resonate with so many of you and we hope that you can make it to our next Meetup or workshop and meet others who have walked a similar path to you.

The next meet ups little brainstrust will be holding:

17th April 2019 – Preston at Pizza Express. RSVP here.

3rd May 2019 – Birmingham at Pizza Hut. RSVP here.

Click here to find our full list of meetups and workshops, or get in touch with Khadijha  to find out how little brainstrust can support you.