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Charlotte’s I Believe I Can Fund of Hope

In 2007, life for the Smith family changed forever when Charlotte was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour, and passed away 11 months later, aged just 16.

Always thinking of others, during those 11 months Charlotte set up her “I Believe I Can” Fund of Hope, to facilitate developments in research and the clinical environment for people affected by a brain tumour.

Charlotte’s “I Believe I Can” Fund of Hope has contributed incredibly to the advancement of research opportunities around brain tumours in the UK. Thanks to Charlotte, and her friends and family who have continued to honour her memory, the Fund has raised a staggering £97,000 since its inception.

Charlotte’s legacy

Only possible thanks to the funds raised by Charlotte and her loved ones, launched in, were the tissue banks at Glasgow and Southampton universities in 2011.

The Glasgow Tissue Bank:

University of Glasgow Chair of Clinical Oncology Prof Anthony Chalmers, who led the project, said:

“We hope this resource will transform research into brain tumours and serve as a source of material for researchers in the community throughout the UK.

“Everyone’s brain tumour is different, and the tissue bank is an important step on the way to understanding the challenges and possibilities of personalised medicine to treat individual cancers.

“By making this resource available to other researchers, not only here in the UK but also around the world, we increase the likelihood that some valuable piece of information will come out of it.”

And they certainly haven’t stopped there, also funding laboratory research at Portsmouth University, providing individual training grants for clinicians and much more.

Eleven years of fundraising

Eleven years on, Charlotte’s family and friends have continued to honour her memory and fight for a better future for people diagnosed with a brain tumour. How have they done this? How haven’t they?! From race nights, to dances, a charity CD to a 75 mile horse ride – no challenge is too big, no idea too unique.

Next on the cards is The First Forest Games, taking place on 21 September 2019 at The Green Dragon, Brook.

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