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When someone receives a brain tumour diagnosis, it is devastating – not just for the person diagnosed, but for the people close to them too. Whether that be parents, siblings, friends or a spouse, it is important that everybody has access to support.

We know that when a loved one is diagnosed with a brain tumour, things can change like the tide. Any sense of control that you may have had can disappear, being replaced by feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

We are here to help. We know that there are times when priorities can vary when being a caregiver. Sometimes the focus is on information gathering, finding out about treatments or looking for support. And some of the time the priority is firefighting.

This month will see the launch of a new section on our website, specifically for caregivers. It’s aim is to help you feel less alone, part of a community, on top of things, more supported, better resourced and more engaged with clinical care.

We’re also hosting coaching events, to help caregivers across England, which you can sign up for here.

If it feels like it is all getting too much, or you just want a listening ear, you can get in touch with us. Our support is for everybody and we can help. Simply email or call our helpline on 01983 292 405.