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Paint a Portrait

Meet Beatrice, a 31 year old on a mission to make the world a better place one month at a time. At the start of this year, Beatrice decided not to make herself one New Year’s resolution, but to commit to taking on a new personal challenge every month – all whilst raising money for different charitable causes. 

When Beatrice saw it was Brain Tumour Awareness Month, she very kindly chose to dedicate her March challenge to brainstrust. Our theme for the month fit perfectly with Beatrice’s ambition – to use art and creativity as a source of well-being and self-care. On March 1st, Beatrice began investing her time into creating a brand new masterpiece.

I’m trying to raise [£150 for brainstrust] to bring a little positivity and happiness to 2021. I’m going to try and paint a portrait throughout March and see if I can become a better artist, and a better person at the same time.

Beatrice really wanted to reignite her love of drawing and painting, and she’s been rolling up her sleeves ever since! Inspired by her passion for art at school, Beatrice said:

Back in the day, when I was young and full of hopes, I used to dream about being a photo-realism portrait artist. At the time, the fashion in art was more about installation and interactive pieces [whereas] I just wanted to draw and paint – and I only wanted to draw and paint people. Cut to 15 years later and I rarely pick up the pencils and paints.

I have no idea if I’m any good anymore, but what I’m hoping is that by making myself set time aside each week to focus on my skill, I’ll find the passion for it once more. I’m hoping that I’ll actually end the month on a higher level than I started.

I chose to do this at the same time as raising money for brainstrust. I find it hard to concentrate on one painting for a prolonged amount of time. I have to work hard to be able to see the colours, the undertones, the shadows and contours of each part of someone’s face.

With the first week of March now behind us, Beatrice proudly shared her progress to date (pictured above). We’re in awe of her talent, and can’t wait to see the final unveiling of her portrait on 31st March!

If you’d like to join in the fun, we’d love for you to enter our brand art new competition: The Great brainstrust Create-Off!  Whether you’re living with the effects of a brain tumour, or you’re caring for a loved one, your well-being couldn’t be more important. Getting creative is a great way to unwind, relax and recharge!

To keep up to date with Beatrice’s progress, follow her on Instagram: @resolutednomad or check out her JustGiving page by clicking here. Blog post:

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