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Bailey’s a brave boy

Through little brainstrust, our dedicated arm for children and families, we’ve supported Bailey and his family over the last few years. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016, and has been on watch-and-wait ever since. The tumour is in a position that makes operating very difficult, and so doctors are keeping an eye on Bailey’s health through regular scans. You can read more about Bailey’s story, and how much he loved his little brain box, here.

These scans naturally make Bailey feel very anxious, as his dad Stephen explains:

“Bailey gets really nervous around scan date but we explain everything to him and ask him to be a brave boy, once he’s in the scan he actually falls asleep haha, waiting for results is the worse part as we always think ‘what if?’, so it’s a massive relief when we get the news of no change.”

Bailey had a little brain box last year, but Khadijha (our support specialist for children and families) didn’t want him to miss out on our latest cuddly little brainstrust gift, so she sent Bailey one of our Build-a-bear teddies.

Stephen sent a message of thanks to Khad: “Bailey absolutely loves his teddy and says it smells so nice. You are helping him so much and always manage to bring a smile to his face with all your emails and gifts, he’s super excited for Liverpool this weekend as we’ve booked us on a tour of Anfield, #keepsmiling and thank you once again”

Little brainstrust is here to support every family affected by any type of brain tumour. You can check out our latest resources here, or send an email to Khadijha for some more information about how we can help you to manage your child’s scanxiety and cope better with their diagnosis.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re aiming to share as many stories as possible of life with a childhood brain tumour. Get in touch if you’d like to share your family’s story.