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To make informed decisions, understanding Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) is vital.

With the NHS Proton Beam Centre at The Christie treating its first patient in January 2019, interest is growing in proton therapy. It is therefore important to have independent, factual information available on the treatment and what it offers. It is also important to present a balanced view, which puts Proton Beam Therapy in context with respect to other treatments. This is crucial for patients, their caregivers and stakeholders in the public and the private sectors.

brainstrust has produced a range of resources (NHS Information Standard accredited) to ensure that people have the information they need to make informed decisions about their treatment. Having read the information – in sections, or as a whole – people will:

  • feel more confident about PBT
  • be more informed and engaged in their situation
  • either be assured they are on the best care pathway or feel comfortable and confident in exploring further options
  • understand how brainstrust can help
  • know where further help and information may be available to them.

Helen Bulbeck, director of policy and services said:

‘We are delighted to share these resources, which have been written following the rigorous Information Standard guidance. We know from our daily interactions with anyone who is living with a brain tumour how much confusion there is around PBT. These resources will bring clarity and help people understand this treatment. They will then be able to make informed decisions so that they can be co-pilots in their care.’

The resources are available to download here. Alternatively, email or give us a call on 01983 292 405

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