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Christmas is coming…

Christmas Day may be just around the corner, but the build up to the big day can sometimes feel like it has been going on for a long time. Once summer is out of the way, retail businesses, pubs and restuarants, start promoting the latest products and menus ready for us to buy for Christmas.

Sometimes, the hype around Christmas can be difficult to manage, especially when living with a brain tumour. Crowded shopping centres, flashing Christmas lights and the expectation of attending events and parties are just some of the things that can feel overwhelming to people living with a brain tumour.

In preparation for the Christmas period, here are some tips that might help you feel more in control this time of year:

Make new traditions

Every one spends Christmas in different ways, but many of us have certain traditions. Why not use this year as a time to make new traditions. If you previously would have gone for a long walk, why not use the time to stay in the warm and play a festive game, or even watch that Christmas special which you usually miss.


Christmas can be particularly challenging when struggling with fatigue. Take it at your own pace and give yourself an opportunity to have some quiet time away if you are spending the day with family or friends

You can download a copy of our fatigue resource here. To order a hard copy of the resource, email

Share the load

If the thought of having to prepare a Christmas meal is too much, ask for the support of those around you. If there are a few of you having a meal together, ask each person to bring a dish.

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes Christmas plans can cause disruption to our usual routines and day- to-day living. Prioritise your routine and activities that will enhance your mood and enrich your day rather than making you feel stressed and anxious.

Get support 

Brain tumours don’t stop over Christmas. So neither do we.  You can access support at anytime over the Christmas period through our 24/7 helpline: just call us on 01983 292 405 or email us at